Meet the team!


    • Art and hearts spin the same riddles
      and pour into souls
      the magic of lives unlived –
      the magic missed
      the missed magic

      Back in grade tenth – along with my very dear friend, Khushboo – a younger me had dreamt of founding a literary magazine that would catalyse a literary revolution here. Little did I know that a few years down the lane, a part of that dream would come true in the form of The Ziauddin University Atlas. A student-run publication with a blog and a very well-maintained Facebook page, the ZU Atlas was the beginning of a lovely, exciting journey of friendship, arts, poetry, prose, my very dear Docs’ Diaries, music, and even anime – life. It was enchanting to see how, through the Atlas, we spread smiles. Every artist breathes into their work a small part of themselves, and first as the editor and now as the Editor-in-Chief of the ZU Atlas, to see that being appreciated, and nourished, is what we are all about.Taking it a step forward, wanting to spread these smiles, was Dead Poets – my humble little page that began with featuring my posts and is now home to the individual blogging efforts of quite a few aspiring writers, poets, artists, and photographers. And now, as the desire to nurture the love of art and literature grows, so did my desire to launch this blog – a platform for all those writers, poets and daydreamers who do not have blogs of their own, yet. Why do we do this? Because art and literature are what makes us human, blowing a little life into our tired souls that are so caught up in the whirlpool of the everyday chores that we forget to stop and admire the sunset and its hues and the beauty of the simple words written by the hopeful dervish or the sensitive heart of the photographer’s camera. To celebrate life, we must celebrate art and literature, and that is exactly what this blog is about.So, hurry up and mail us your submissions – poetry, prose, Sufi musings, artwork, pictures – any form of your creativity, at, or inbox us on our Facebook page, and we’ll feature it on our blog.With this wonderfully dedicated and energetic team, hopefully, one day, Dead Poets will be the publication that we had dreamt of.

      – Arfa Masihuddin

    • The power held by mere pages bound together has never ceased to amaze me. Through the years, the magic and mystery narrated by Enid Blyton, the racial injustice outlined in ‘A Passage to India’, the sinister being sending chills down my spine in Bram Stoker’s Dracula or the tragic selfishness of the characters in Wuthering Heights has always ensured that I stayed addicted to reading. The motivation to begin Dead Poets has stemmed from how I know that any form of art has the ability to transport us to other realms and transform our thoughts in ways we never previously imagined.
      I hope this venture serves all our readers and our contributors well by providing them with a worthy platform to showcase their work and the joy afforded by experiencing something that moves you.

      – Khushboo Nusrat


I can’t express the magnitude of my gratitude and how I honoured I feel for having had not the opportunity but the privilege to be a part of this brilliant and rewarding endeavour. I am immensely proud of Arfa and Khushboo for not just taking on the task of planting the seeds that they have, but for devoting their time, energy, and emotions into this project, ensuring that it grows to reach the heights they envisioned and to achieve the milestones that it has. When Arfa asked me to become their Marketing Manager, it was so out of the blue that I am still, for lack of a better word, baffled at how such a short question can hold so much promise for what lies ahead for you. As Osho so rightfully says, ‘Creativity is the greatest form of rebellion in existence.’ Indeed, there is no greater escape than that of stepping outside of yourself to share the sentiments within your soul with those around you. And as we humbly try our best to bring those pieces of different hearts and minds to you, dear reader, I sincerely hope that they resonate with the pieces in you. Hope you enjoy!

– Vashma Junaid