Words have a wonderful way of encompassing entire spectra of emotions and thoughts both within a plethora of ink and within short but powerful sentences. In this refreshingly poignant piece, Maheen Kalwar delivers a jolt of the latter with her eloquent string of poetry.

I’ve seen it built.
I’ve seen it bent.
So tell them
When they ask
It only gets worse
When you surrender.

It pricks.
At the back of your neck
And it crawls.
On the whole of your spine.
Like the feeling you get
When you’re being followed
To find
It’s your past
That tricks.

Fight and elude!
When you can.
The imprisoned thoughts.
‘Cause it never goes
as planned.
So know
What it costs.
The quietude.

I’ve seen it broken.
The shattering pride
And the dignity.
And I’ve seen it mend.
With passing time
And amenity.
So tell them
When they confide…

The shards that pierce,





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