Lion (2016)

Looking for a good movie recommendation? Here’s one you’re guaranteed to love!


I often put off watching a lot of movies that later turn out to be nothing short of amazing, and this one is definitely a top contender in that category. Although I watched it a couple of months ago, the intensity and addictive angst are still as palpable as they were when I first watched it.

The movie tells the story of five year old Saroo who gets separated from his family. Unable to remember the name of his village, he is miles away from home and ends up in an orphanage where he’s adopted by a couple living in Australia. Fast forward twenty years, a moment of nostalgia prompts Saroo to embark on the nearly impossible journey of finding his birth family with nothing but Google Earth and his fading memories to help him.

Aside from the brilliant cast, the fact that it’s based on a true story just adds an entirely different dimension to the overall experience. Heart wrenching and captivating from start to finish, the gorgeous sceneries, the soundtrack, the complex relationships, and the waterworks that eventually ensued resulted in a complete sense of fulfillment for me. I’d love to read the book sometime soon as well.

What did you think about the film?





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