Demons of Sadness

In this yearnful submission by Sameer Tariq, melancholy is beautifully given words and a sense of loss within us begins to emerge as we look back on moments that still haunt and demons that still stay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
There is a window.
You and I stand there and look out at the outside world.
Your elbows are resting on the windowsill.
My arms are wrapped around you like you belong to me.
‘Let’s just stay here forever. Let me kidnap you’ you say jokingly and we laugh with our eyes.
Laughter rolls down gently from the corners of our eyes, trickle down to our cheeks and disappear…
“Why am I so morbid? Why do I feel I’m losing you while you are here, closer than my skin?” I say softly, whispering in your ear.
We stare at the setting sun turning the shadows into demons of sadness.
“Maybe these are my fears talking to you through my soul. Telling you we were born to meet. But not to be together”.
You say it without saying a word.
Your reflection stares back at me, silent, so still, like this evening.
Your soul reveals what your words never could. The truth.
The world stops. You turn around.
“I am with you, forever,’ you say again.
But now I don’t believe it.
Because now, I know better.

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