Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff

Books are not my regular companions, they’re more like twice or thrice in a year rain storms that are the healing I need when I least realize it. This book is currently my gravity, so I thought I’d talk about it as briefly as I could without unfurling into a crumble of emotions that treads along the lines of being questionable – Vashma


Stormdancer  – Book one of The Lotus War series by Jay Kristoff

I bought this book on a whim at the Karachi Literature Festival this year about a week after seeing it on a Facebook page the name of which I can’t recall, but I’m forever indebted to them because So. Much. Yes.

I’m not some literary expert or even an avid reader, for that matter, but it had been quite a while since I was so enamoured by the intensity and complexity of such a unique and vivid writing style complimented so seamlessly by magnetic character development and a brilliant plot. I’m not much of a book series person for reasons attributed mostly to procrastination and forgetfulness, but maybe this series will be the one to convert me as soon as I can get my hand on the second book, ‘Kinslayer.’

A Japanese steampunk narrative that tells the story of 16-year-old Yukiko and her best friend, an Arashitora (thunder tiger) named Buruu, who would have killed her had she not saved his life first. In their journey to tear down and rebirth an entire empire and bring justice to a land stained with greed and destruction, I found myself nothing short of mesmerised and in awe. Sci-fi isn’t always my cup of tea when it comes to reading, but I’m now aware of how small minded I was being because stepping out of your comfort zone may just help you find one of your favourite books. I know I did.

I’m looking for a place to purchase Kinslayer, I’ll consider Amazon if all else fails. My mind is in craving mode, and it’s as great as it is frustrating. But I’m developing a thing for steampunk, and if it’s Japanese then all the more reason for me to go into a frenzy. Isolation mode, on.




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