In this wonderful submission by Shayan Marsia, a third year student at Dow Medical College, we once again celebrate last week’s awe-inspiring victory. One that is sure to be remembered for decades. In his own words, Shayan is ‘a history and cricket fanatic longing to see a utopian society.’
I still cannot fathom the reality,
The brilliance and duality,
Let not your memories fade with time,
Their game in this tournament was worth a billion dimes;
How the sheer pace and swing of Hassan and Junaid made the ball talk,
Azhar’s lazy elegance and Imad’s short walk,
Words of wisdom uttered by Malik and Hafeez swayed the pavilion,
Fakhar’s innings were worth millions,
How Faheem and Rumman brought in the flair of youth,
And how Shadab’s googlies speak the truth,
Stories of Babar’s class bundled in a stack,
And how the spell of a lifetime by Amir took us 25 years back,
How Sarfaraz led in this weak terrain,
Oh captain, my captain: the cornered tigers were born again.
Champions of 2017: Pakistan

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