The ravenous nature of our existence can sometimes take turns we wish it would not. Unsa Memon beautifully gives words to the very core of our endless yearnings.


How eloquently does love offer itself to us?
An effortless word.
A handshake.
A hug.

We are hungry and our souls are poor.
Do you know the kind? Have you found the kind?
To diminish the hunger…to make you rich again.
The kind of love that finds a home within the hate
And the insecurity that has grown as a result of the lack of it.

Love, you are the perfect remedy.
Love, you are the only remedy – where are you, love?
Lucky we are as we are fortunate to have the capability to cure a deprived soul.
But cure we do not.
The injustice.

Please love.
Allow yourself the opportunity to be richer.







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